In progress

Jihui Huang

Bada Kim

At Kansas (MA)

Monica Casares (2021). "Amending Haslanger's Theory of Race."

At Ohio State (PhD)

Erin Mercurio (2021). Pippi Longstocking, Captain Ahab, and Other People: A Defense of Realism about Fictional Objects.

Eric de Araujo (2020). Different Samenesses: Essays on Non-Standard Views of Identity.

Chulmin Yoon (2020). Essays on De Jure Coreference.

Evan Woods (2019). The Problems of the Many.

Jennifer Gleason (2019). Mental Disorder: Ameliorating Stigmatization and Reconceptualizing Treatment.

Scott Brown (2017). Essays on Modality and Instantiation.

David Blanks (2015). The Metaphysics of Dispositions: A Case for Counterfactualism.

Ley Cray (2012). Modal Inconstancy: How Our Interests Influence How Things Could Be.

Cathleen Muller (2012). Harry Potter and the Rescue from Realism: A Novel Defense of Anti-Realism about Fictional Objects.

At Ohio State (BA)

Laura Geracioti (2017). "Fictional Names and Fictional Characters."

Kyrsten French (2013). "A New Version of Physicalist Color Realism."

Gabbrielle Johnson (2011). "Reference Magnetism and Macro-Naturalism."

At Manitoba (MA)

Joe LoVetri (2006). "Metaphysics of Laws of Nature."

Sam Cowling (2005). "Neither Simples nor Gunk."

Lowell Friesen (2005). "A New Defence of Natural Class Trope Nominalism."

Mark Barber (2004). "Sets and Fictions."